CG&S Design-Build

Dream homes that are designed and built all by a single spectacular team. CG&S Design-Build is made of architects, project managers, designers, and construction professionals that work together not to simply renovate or remodel your home, but to make you feel right at home.

We began with a website update that presented CG&S as the contemporary company they are while highlighting special projects and educating the consumer on both services offered by CG&S and the world of renovations and remodeling.



In order to explain exactly how perfect CG&S tailors your home to you, we employed the help of actual CG&S clients. These clients were paired with their houses and through some doppelganger inspired custom photography by Annie Ray, we created ads that strikingly paired renovated homes with their human companion. This ads ran in local magazines, as direct mail, social media posts, and banners.



Created: 2015 at lookthinkmake.
Contribution: Concept, Art Direction, Web Design
Photography: Annie Ray


Barton Springs Conservancy

Creative Direction